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Types of Driving Lessons Available...

This driving school offers lots of different driving lessons for your individual needs, so have a look below to decide what the best option is for you. Remember you are in the driving seat and must choose the lesson plan that is going to work best for you. Here are some of the options...

Intensive driving courses - I am one of the only driving instructors in Somerset to offer intensive driving courses and have some great successes with passes first time. This is my specialist area and enjoy the challenge. I offer some excellent rates for this.

The Seven Super Sundays!

Never has this been done before, but here at Driving Made Easy I understand the need to learn to drive in this current day and age and I also fully appreciate how finding the time to fit this in, can also be a task in itself! Therefore I am trialling  learning to drive in 7 full days on Sundays consecutively for seven weeks, with a view to taking the driving test the week after the seventh Sunday. This will be taught in exactly the same way as a normal 5 day (day by day) intensive course,  but without actually having to ask your boss for a week off work and thus using your very precious holiday allowance in order to get your  all important driving license. It will be spread out for those who simply can't get the time off work or from other commitments and what makes this course even better, is that if you do already happen to have your own car you have time between those Sundays to practice and gain even more road experience. Please speak to me if you would like further information!

Beginners and normal weekly driving lessons - This is where you have a lesson or so a week and at the end of every driving lesson we will give you a hand-out covering everything that has been taught that lesson.

Refresher Driving Courses - This is for anyone that can drive, but hasn't done so for a while and needs to get their confidence back.

Motorway Lessons - Due to new legislation, it is now possible to take learner drivers (accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor) on motorways. If you would like to tackle motorways, then this will be a great way to build up confidence and gain experience before passing your driving test. 

PASS PLUS - If you have recently passed your driving test, this is for you! Pass Plus is a course marked off by your driving instructor, which teaches you all aspects that aren't taught in so much detail or at all when you are learning to drive. This could include city driving if you live in a more rural location, night driving and driving in different, more severe weather conditions.  Some insurance companies offer excellent discounts on insurance too once you have obtained your Pass Plus, so this is a real incentive to take your driving to the next level.